Trauma Conscious Yoga

Trauma conscious yoga is an evidence-based approach to integrate the philosophies of yoga and mindfulness into psychotherapy. Trauma conscious yoga therapy is rooted in Polyvagal theory. Polyvagal theory helps us understand how the mind and body are connected.

Our work together will focus on understanding the mind-body connection, exploring patterns of tension and constriction in your body, and learning ways to interpret this information. This can look like breath work, meditation, visualization, and longer holds in physical postures. During these longer holds, we will learn to observe the mind while focusing on sensation. This will help you become comfortable with discomfort, which will enhance your resiliency and your ability to handle stressors, fluctuations in mood, and triggers.

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In order to heal and make progress toward wellness, you must feel connected and safe within the therapeutic relationship. I strive to meet you where you are and create a safe space for exploration and healing. I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities. I will work to integrate cognitive behavioral approaches, existential theory, practical coping, and mindfulness.

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