Stress Management

Our world moves at such an incredibly fast pace. We are constantly stimulated with media, to do lists, work or family requests, and many expectations. It can be hard to find moments to pause, reflect, and ground. Stress can also stem from judgments we place on our experiences. Judging things as good or bad can cause resistance to what they are. Pulling from yoga theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness, we will build the skills to recognize when stress is building, how it impacts the body, and how it influences the mind. Stress management is as unique as you are. It is a skill that needs to be cultivated and tailored to you. Effective stress management will lead to increased trust in oneself.

Treatment will focus on where stress manifests in your life. We will identify areas that are within your control and those that are not. We will work to build practical coping skills, daily habits, and lifestyle changes that will support the areas of your life where you have the power to make changes. For those areas where you do not have the power to make change, we will build skills for dealing with stress, moving it through the body, and accepting life as it is.

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In order to heal and make progress toward wellness, you must feel connected and safe within the therapeutic relationship. I strive to meet you where you are and create a safe space for exploration and healing. I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities. I will work to integrate cognitive behavioral approaches, existential theory, practical coping, and mindfulness.

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